Zen Chi Massager


The Zen Chi Massager is a new addition to our clinic which can be included in our massage treatments. The Zen Chi Massagers are also available to buy for the benefits of using daily in the convenience of your own home.

The Zen Chi machine’s rhythmic motion is core driven, producing a metrical displacement which sends a balanced energy wave through the body. This unique wave-like motion replicates exercise and promotes the flow of blood to capillary banks in all extremities of the body, restoring to areas that may have suffered poor circulation.

Zen Chi Massager – Benefits

The Zen Chi’s side to side action opens the vertebrae alleviating stress and tension placed on the spinal column. This unique wave like motion replicates exercise and promotes the flow of blood to capillary banks in all extremities of the body, restoring supply to areas that may have suffered poor circulation. Body detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis (involuntary digestive tract muscles) which results in a higher metabolic rate.

These boosts to the anatomical system will assist to relieve the symptoms of:

  •  Lethargy
  •  Digestion imbalance
  •  Insomnia
  •  Weight problems
  •  Stress and tension
  •  Aches and pains
  •  Arthritic pain
  •  Lack of exercise
  •  Poor posture

The Zen Chi Massager:

  •  Relieves constipation and period pain
  •  Stimulates detoxification of all organs
  •  Massages the whole spine relieving neck, back pain and muscle tension
  •  Takes you deep into relaxation by calming the mind which can help with stress and insomnia
  •  Increases life force through all meridians
  •  Increases lymphatic return and oxygen absorption, helping cleanse the body and give a clear focused mind.

Time out

In our busy schedules, taking time out is crucial in order to maintain health and energy levels. Whether it is exercise, meditation or simply eating correctly, we must do something. Time restraints often make these routines difficult to adhere to. The Zen Chi Massager is able to solve this difficulty. All it takes is fifteen minutes morning and night to gain the recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise – any additional form of exercise is an extra added bonus!

5 minutes on this machine is equivalent to half an hour walking as far as moving blood and oxygen.

15 minutes on the Zen Chi is equivalent to walking approximately 4.5 kilometres.

Chi Principle

Western health practitioners are now recognizing the Eastern theories that chi (life force energy) may be the key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is noted that this energy flows through channels in all living entities. Acupressure and other forms of massage invigorate the flow of chi, via stimulating meridians and acupressure points that trigger nerve impulses and restore and equal flow of chi, in turn balancing the whole body.

The beneficial effects of chi stimulating exercise usually related to tai chi, yoga and other strict disciplines is now within reach. The Zen Chi aerobic massager combines modern technologies with the essential principles to produce an outstanding, beneficial passive exercise and massaging unit.

Operating Principle

Elevation of the feet is a proven technique for relieving the symptoms of painful ailments such as fluid retention, poor circulation, varicose veins and the list continues. Combine this with the Zen Chi energy stimulating principles and you will benefit immediately. Lying with your feet in the Zen Chi cradle, simply set the timer to the desired length of exercise, this will start the massaging action. Relax, clear your mind and you will feel your whole body rock from side to side as if you are being massaged all over. The Zen Chi’s rhythmic motion is core driven producing a metrical displacement, this sends a balanced energy wave through the body.

To find out more about our Zen Chi Massager please contact Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions on 4962 2888.

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