Sports Massage


Sports Massage uses massage to prepare the body before exercise or to help the body recover after exercise. It focuses on the use of massage to assist training, prevent injury, and treat sports injuries.

Sport, Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment focuses on reducing the build-up to tight sore muscles in the back, neck, shoulders and joints. This chronic pain can be caused from example stress, sitting at a desk all day, sporting activities and is ideal for relieving headaches. These techniques focus on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

It aims to release your aches and pains caused by the chronic build-up of tension in the body. The massage uses deep slow strokes and pressure point therapy on the contracted areas, either following or going across the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia. It also helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue that can be caused by strain and sprains that occur with over use or injury.

Remedial and deep tissue massage focuses on more specific tension areas and the practitioners work at a pressure that is both therapeutic and yet comfortable for the client. After assessment the massage will be based on the problematic area. Assessment will take place for a range of motional movement. Stretches may be needed at the end of the massage.

Sports massage also takes into account the sport you play, how often and when you play to plan the best treatment possible for your injury or aliment you may present with. Taking these options into account can help you to perform better and have the proper recovery periods needed for the muscle, tendons, ligaments and body to heal.

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