RSI Newcastle

What is RSI?
Repetitive Strain Injury is a term used to describe an overuse injury. What this simply means is that repeated use of the same movements i.e. your work, sport or every day activities causes inflammation and damage to the soft tissues these include your muscles, nerves and tendons. RSI includes many localised injuries to the upper limbs and extremities such as carpal tunnel, golfer’s and tennis elbow which are very common issues that we treat successfully each day.

Symptoms of RSI or an overuse injury can be any of the following:
Constant aching
Shooting pain can be sudden or for prolonged periods
Tremors or twitching
Fatigue or lack of strength.
Weakness in the hands or forearms
Simple tasks become difficult to perform i.e. opening jars, chopping vegetables, turning door knobs

Our massage therapists are experienced with patients suffering RSI and can assist by relaxing and lengthening the affected areas. In fact by using massage early, RSI can be slowed, helping to avoid acute pain and reduce expensive medical costs in the future.

RSI is caused through overusing one muscle (or group) for prolonged periods, this causes considerable stress on all of the associated muscles in a joint. In turn, when we use massage to manage your RSI, we need to focus on associated areas such as the deep shoulder muscles, not just the centre of pain.

For more information regarding our RSI massage services contact Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions on 4962 2888.

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