Relaxation Massage

Newcastle Relaxation Massage

Generally regarded as the most common form of relaxation massage, Swedish massage involves a combination of five basic strokes and concentrates on the muscles and connective tissues of the body for improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief, and overall health maintenance and well-being.

As the name suggests the primary goal of a relaxation massage is relaxation and in an hour consultation a full body massage is achieved. Our treatment rooms are warm and peaceful, with relaxing music and gentle lighting. It is the ideal setting to unwind and relax.

Relaxation Massage has numerous benefits including:

Reduce and treat headache and migraine pain
Injury treatment and prevention
Pain Relief
Reduce anxiety and stress
Reduce depression
Reduce blood pressure
Improve range of motion
Promote circulation and blood flow
Improve sleep and daily function

To find out more about our relaxation massage services please contact Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions on 4962 2888

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