Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage is a tried and tested method to reduce discomfort and pain when pregnant. Some frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy massage:

1. Is it safe to massage a pregnant woman?

While massaging a pregnant woman in her first trimester has often been debated (as this is a time when miscarriages are likely to occur), there is much evidence in support of regular massages for women in their second & third trimesters.

2. What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

  • Reduced neck and back pain caused by improper posture, muscle weakness & imbalance;
  • Assists in alleviating stress on weight-bearing joints (e.g. hips);
  • Helps maintain flexibility in muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints;
  • Helps to minimize the occurrence of muscle spasms & leg cramps;
  • Improves blood circulation, leading to greater oxygenation and nutrition delivery to organs and tissues;
  • Increased circulation of the lymphatic of the lymphatic system reduces oedema and fatigue;
  • Facilitates relaxation and helps to reduce anxiety during the pregnancy and can help prevent pregnancy related insomnia.

3. How will I be massaged?
As your body adjusts to accommodate your growing child, you will find that you will no longer be able to rest comfortably on your stomach or your back. At Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions, we ensure you comfort by using numerous pillows to support you in a side lying position.

To book your appointment or to find out more information regarding pregnancy massage therapy in Newcastle, please contact Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions on 4962 2888.

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