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Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions

Remedial Massage Therapists

We are Newcastle’s neck and back pain specialists…and we get results!

If you’re fed up with constant neck pain or back pain, we can help you!

Living with constant pain is exhausting, not to mention uncomfortable for family and work colleagues due to the bad moods and lack of patience we often experience when we are in constant pain.

Millions of people suffer with this pain every day because they just don’t know who to call or have already tried many different therapies & treatments with no or unsatisfactory results.

At Newcastle Muscle Pain Solutions we are neck and back pain specialists in removing or dramatically reducing your muscle pain so you can get on living a good quality of life ‘pain free’ instead of just ‘getting through’ each day.

We guarantee faster, longer-lasting results, which means less visits and less time out of your hectic life.

Being ‘results based’ Practitioners, we keep ourselves up to date with latest remedial massage techniques and effective treatments, that is why have been able to help thousands of people just like you, we will give you the level of care you deserve and the answers you are looking for.

If we cannot help you we will assess your problems and put you in contact with appropriate treatment or professional for your problems.

We pride ourselves in running our clinic with the utmost honesty and integrity and we look forward to helping you!

Give us a call today on 4962 2888 and enjoy relief from muscle pain, deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

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